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❈ Dance Temple Festival ❈


A colorful tribal gathering of

Spirit ~ Love ~ Healing ~ Dance & Celebration

A colorful and magical tribal Purim celebration

Space for play, celebration, freedom, and love

A carnival of rare people flying to the unknown


Dance Temple returns to Biancini Beach for the third time and the excitement goes up. We brought together the best artists and musicians and created a legendary flow.



❈ Dead Sea ❈ Perfect Location ❈


Love is the compass. Music is the way. The magic is the people.


We recommend purchasing a ticket as soon as possible,

we will probably not sell tickets at the gate.


First Tickets - 380 NIS - Sold Out

Super early sale - 410 NIS - Sold Out

Early sale - 440 NIS - Sold Out

Regular price - 470 NIS

Children up to the age of 8 - free.

Youth from 9 to 15 - 130 NIS.

*Children & youth must be accompanied by parents.




❈ Performances & Artists ❈

Music is sacred.

Music comes to set us free and open our hearts and minds.


Our vision is a pulsating dance floor with a lot of freedom, color, and love.

Sunbathing in the magic frequency...


❈ The Temple

The place for transformative dance, a place to deepen and enter ecstatic consciousness.

An amphitheater with spectacular Dead Sea views with lots of great electronic music, live performances, and more music from all over the world.


❈ The Garden

Dancing Garden - Kingdom Courtyard, playful and colorful

A space of magical ambient, movement workshops, and diverse music.

A word from us.

We love the dancefloor with as much ecstatic dance as possible and as little talk, smoke, or scattered stuff.

We like to devote ourselves to a dance journey.

A tribe of beautiful people dancing together.

❈ Dance Temple Workshops ❈


 Evolution Space 

Quality workshop complex – self-development, awareness, movement, and new age. At each stage of the Celebration, you can delve into a workshop with the best facilitators.

The workshops are diverse and touch on the worlds of movement, connections, consciousness, heart, and transformation.


The list of workshops will be published soon ....

We will also hold a Sacred Fire throughout the whole festival,

and there will be a Healing Space available at all times.

A supportive and enabling space of healing with an excellent and dedicated team of space holders.​

✦ •  The location is stunning  • ✦ 

The Biancini Resort will easily accommodate all of us:

★ Full of toilets and showers

★ Large pool

★ 2 wide spaces with stunning sea views

★ Fancy workshop complexes

★ Fairy tale restaurant hall

* Fine accommodation and crazy art and statues.


★ There is direct access to a comfortable private beach

(with a shower of flowing spring water)

★ The beach is suitable for neat and cozy camping,

there are shady places for camping for those who will arrive early.

The Dead Sea is the lowest place in the world, known for its good air, healing minerals, and inner peace. It is also known for its pleasant weather. Expected to be hot during the day and cooler at night.


 ❈ Good to bring ❈

A towel (there's both the sea and a pool!), Costumes, camping gear -

Tent, mattress, sleeping bag / blanket, musical instruments, yoga mat and / or shawl for workshops.

 ❈ Accommodation ❈

The Biancini Resort offers an accommodation complex for couples, families and friends. First come first served :) 

✿ Book directly with the Biancini Resort

Phone: 02-9400266

❈ What will we eat? ❈


Vegan & Vegetarian food will be served - tasty and healthy at affordable prices.


Three days of a memorable musical journey -

We brought the best clowns in the yard to entertain your inner King and Queen.


Two diverse dance floors, workshops, ceremonies, a private beach, a stunning pool, good food, live performances, lovely people, and perfect Dead Sea weather.


Important Information:

~ Don't bring dogs!

~ No personal fire - there is a central fire

~ Do not bring fire stoves for safety reasons.

For questions or any concerns send us an email to:


Do you have a Purim costume already? It's time to get one!

See you in a moment on the dance floor ❤

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